Foxes have holes, Wolves wear sheep’s clothing

Foxes have holes, Wolves wear sheep’s clothing

by Alienhippy


Talking through misunderstandings, mate or mentor, friend or foe

Writing letters, moving forwards, de-coding which way I should go


Headless chickens in my garden, feathered lawn from the attack

Can’t see where a fox has got in, two steps forward, or three steps back


Perception damaged blind guides leading, bleeding stumps of feathered flesh

Leaches attached and salt provided, severed umbilical, starting a fresh


A bin bag promise is two a penny, stiffened by a winters frost

Don’t know where the hell I’m heading, one thing though, I know I’m lost


Need a shepherds crook to guide me, a shoulder I can rest my head

The sheepfold is a place of safety, like a sheep I have been led


Wolves and foxes, sheep and chickens, break the necks and take the weak

Got to fight, don’t stop believing, hold on tight to what I seek


Pits and troughs are what I fall in, Blind lead blind and blind lead blind

Shut the gate and let the dogs out, I have to lose before I find


Desert land of icy feathers. Death and life, power and fame

Think or follow, what’s the answer? Should I just keep playing the game?


Unknown mystery, deep devotion, Blood and promise, bread and wine

Life and death and resurrection, Living life in love divine


I wrote this poem in 2008

It was the first poem I blogged on



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