Naming the Beast

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Naming the Beast

by Alienhippy

You say that you love and understand me

So, why do you say I should change?

If you love me, accept all my failings

Stop making me feel I’m deranged


I came to terms with the fact I’m dyslexic

I’ve learnt all about my syndrome

I’m learning about all the walls I keep hitting

and why I’ve always felt so alone


But now I can give you a title

To the traits that have always been me

It has caused you one massive problem

Because love doesn’t always want to see


I’m not broken, I am happy, I don’t need fixing

Stop stressing yourself, it’s not your fault

I am obsessed with finding a new way

Of using my looping mind volt


Remember when I was a kid

and gymnastics made me feel tall

I was quick, I was brave and I was bendy

I didn’t break every time I took a fall


I would have done somersaults on concrete

and hung upside down all day long

But then it was given a title

and a club to show what I did wrong


They had mats for me to fall on

Spring boards and beams and first aid

and even though I was fearless

Those who loved me were very afraid


I see this again in my family

The title has given the fear

but just because the beast has a name

It will not just simply disappear


In fact I’m looking for a new club

With people of similar belief

Naming the beast may have caused you fear

But, for me it has given relief


I wrote this poem in November 2009

To read more about me follow the link below

Alienhippy’s Blog


9 thoughts on “Naming the Beast

  1. I love this poem and all of the dragon drawings! I wonder what our dragon fixation is?? Hmm…

    I relate very much to the words in your poem. Lovely, Lisa!!

    Love you so much!!

  2. I’m glad you have started this new Blog as I love Poetry in particular. You could easily have your work published if it’s what you wanted. Collating your poems in this way is a great help to others,

    There was an animated film on TV yesterday about dragons, I wondered if you may have watched it.

    Love you Auntie BAP xxxx

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