The Pocket Cross

The Pocket Cross

 by Alienhippy

 There was a little Pocket Cross, that my Mom used to own.

She kept it in her handbag, laminated to a poem.

In times of desperation, she’d take it out and read.

She’d ponder on its message and Faith a mustard seed.


She’d think about our Saviour, crucified and resurrected.

She’d think about his Word, the truth we’ve all rejected.

She’d think about his sacrifice, the love we don’t deserve.

She’d think about her life and what she had of worth.


As years went by she passed it on, her Faith and her Pocket Cross.

She passed it to my brother, when his life seemed at a loss.

He kept it in his wallet, not wanting to seem rude.

We didn’t know what Mom passed on, was really Spiritual food.


So as the seed is watered, nurtured, fed and pruned.

As blind Faith becomes seeing, and Jesus heals our wound.

As we persevere through problems, knowing we are not alone.

That Jesus walked this path before, He is our cornerstone.


There’s not a thing that we go through, that He does not understand.

When we are touched by the power of the cross, we are guided by God’s Hand.

The message of the Pocket Cross, is really very clear.

As Jesus is our Saviour, we have no need to fear.


The Pocket Cross I made for you, from left over bits of string.

The Faith we have that Mom passed on, is the gift that we can bring.

We may not have fat wallets, but we give always from the heart.

The Love Mom gave, that we give now, remains when we depart.

Mom, me and my brother


This is a poem I wrote for my brother in 2007

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