Snocalmelatus (made up word) Lisa Lingo


(made up word)

by Alienhippy

Churned up


Undealt with

No solution

Too much

Tipped scales

Misplaced anger




Crying vomit


Can’t breathe

Coughing  pee

knickers percolation (ha-ha)


Comfort tea

Reflected tribulation

Surfaced reality

Trust in God


My confusion

Speak truths in love

Don’t hold back

A new days resolution



Moving forward in the Spirit after pouring out your soul to God,

knowing God is in control.

I wrote this poem in January 2008


I wanted to add this video with this poem enjoy

You can read more about me by following the link below.

Alienhippy’s Blog

5 thoughts on “Snocalmelatus (made up word) Lisa Lingo

  1. This word needs to go in your own Dictionary. Love the poem. It is a journey of words and experience and working through the negative to the positive.

    Love you xxxx

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