Who am I?

Who am I?

by Alienhippy

Can anyone tell me who I am?

As I sit and wait to see God’s plan

Only times ticking on, and I’m getting older

My once hot faith is now growing colder


Years spent in searching, trying to understand

Making sense of perseverance, being guided by Gods hand

Only now I feel a nuisance, ’cause it’s me who’s feeling weak

I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t know what I seek


Trying for so long to hear this nagging voice

I need a navigator to de-code me with this choice

To follow in the path the Lord wants me to take

Become Gods will for me, and not become a fake


Serenity is what I need, and not a head of chaos

Can you help me Jesus? Give me strength to bear this cross


Emotionally damaged, my life is yours,

I’m waiting to see where to go

I don’t have the confidence on my own,

My self-esteem is extremely low


I feel a failure most of the time

I’m negative about myself

I’m trying to reprogram how I think

It’s not good for my mental health


Still small voice, calmly speak

As your will I will seek

Be my friend as well as my Lord

As I fight the good fight

Choose to walk in your light

Be my armour, my shield, and my sword


I wrote this poem in September 2008

You can read more about me by following the link below

Alienhippy’s blog


4 thoughts on “Who am I?

    • You are very welcome I have hundreds of them.
      I need to move them from Alienhippy but I need more time.
      Time eludes me, I just get so lost with time.
      I am getting there slowly.
      I find writing poetry really helps me.
      I hear it, it comes when I “Listen through the Loops” in my head.
      Hence the name of the blog.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

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