Don’t listen to the lies.

Those words, how they echo and yet they seem so distant. It has been so long since the dagger was first plunged into her heart. So deep it went that it penetrated right through. Those words that never seem to stop chipping away at the soul.

This time they came from her own lips and she realised that the fear of this destruction had not left her head. Those words so cruel but said by one who never did put anyone before himself. How could she think such a thing, why would she say it out loud like that. She was hurting and those around her did not understand. Those in her life could not understand all that she planned and all that she gave. It was all done without any praise, without any reward. She gave her heart only to have it thrown back in her face.

Earlier that day she had stood staring into the clouds, wishing she could be on a beach or with someone who would just accept her and laugh with her. An aeroplane  flew over head and she imagined being able to just walk away from her life and get on that plane. Heading where? She knew exactly where she wanted to go, and felt so guilty that she wanted to just walk away from her responsibilities, not having to think for everyone around her, to just be herself for a short time.

Guilt….it had followed her for so long. It was like a dark shadow dragging away all her happy thoughts. She knew that she had no reason for feeling guilt but still it was there, plaguing every good thing she had going.

Why should she feel this, she hadn’t done anything wrong. She seemed to absorb the emotions of those around her and take on all of their insults as if they were her own problems. She was constantly trying to make amends for things she felt she did wrong.

But this time she stopped….why had she said that? It was just a distant memory.

It came from her lips this time though. she knew it was a lie, but still she said it.

Of course she knew that those she loved would not be better off without her.

It was a lie and she knew just where this lie had come from.

So now she could do something about it!


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6 thoughts on “Don’t listen to the lies.

  1. This is an extremely well written story, very sad but with a positive result at the end.

    It shows that whatever happens in life we can either learn from it and grow, or run from it, which I feel is never an option.

    Love you xxxx

  2. I agree with Linda this is extremely well written. This made me have tears, I can relate very much. I am so glad that you are sharing on here. I am excited to read/see all the great things you share!!

    I love you!!

  3. It’s taken me some time but I’m here…and loving everything I’m reading. It’s so you.

    So nice to have a moment to really read your work. You have real talent.


    • Hello lovely Lizbeth. Y
      Thanks for popping over and reading, it really means a lot.
      I can really let myself go over here, leave people guessing…hehe
      Hope to see you again soon.
      Love and hugs my friend.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

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