Metaphorical Shoe (for the ladies)

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Metaphorical Shoe

by Alienhippy

My first lover was like a brightly coloured designer shoe

Well expensive and not really thought through

I changed my whole wardrobe so he was accommodated

Nothing else was good enough, my pride had been inflated


He was like a brightly coloured designer stiletto

He was loud and tall and raring to go

My whole self image was built around him

and when he was gone I just couldn’t fit in


He was like a badly fitted, high heeled, designer stiletto sling-back

wait for it………. in bright RED

He was totally impractical but I was tempted and led

The outside looked great but I felt bruised and battered

But without the shoes my ensemble would be shattered


Designer shoes should enhance you, not make your feet feel sore

You can’t wear them at home, they put holes in all ya floors

They shouldn’t pinch or squeeze, or stop you from being you

And when you take them off, you should still walk, it’s true!

The shoe is meant to enhance, to comfort and complete you

Not cripple, twist and maim, change, control and bruise you

Don’t let them make you feel, that without them you will die

When your arches touch the ground, then you’ll question why???

You fell for all that gloss, un-comfort, and restriction

The scantiness, the dictation, the pain, the cost, the friction.


When you look for ‘SHOES’ because you want to go dancing again (*a-gen*)

I’ll shout from my experience



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2 thoughts on “Metaphorical Shoe (for the ladies)

  1. Yes, I’m all for a comfy pair of slippers now. Like you, been a painful time in the past with some of mine. Love you xxxx

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