Swirls of Sand

4ft textured acrylic


4 thoughts on “Swirls of Sand

    • Hi Tilly,
      I paint in my conservatory. This one is rather large and I built up textures using sand so it’s a bit of a touchy feely piece. I’m framing it now with glass beads. It is painted straight onto wood and I left 3 inches of wood to decorate.
      I have thought of selling them but I’m not good with that sort of stuff, I get all worked up and can’t communicate properly. It happened when I tried to do my dressmaking as well. People try to rip me off all the time and then I loop on the way people are. I just paint to help me with my looping. I give them away to people I love. Creativity slows it down and helps me connect.
      Love and hugs my friend. Lisa. xx 🙂

  1. I understand. All the good they do you when you create them would be undone.

    Well, Lisa, they are fabulous. You are really talented and your friends and family must be thrilled to have them.

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