The sound of no sound!

He leads me beside quiet waters

With her thoughts came a rising breeze and an echo of a time past. Her mind was filled with echoes on this day, some of them brought a smile, a warm feeling of love and acceptance. Others, they just caused a loop of despair. On this day those echoes were not being too friendly, they were torturing her peace and she couldn’t stop them.

She froze, as if a moment of clarity had awakened a deeper understanding. Concentration caught her. She listened for the breeze, trying to raise it above the sound of no sound. She could hear this so clearly, but others didn’t seem to know of its existence.

What is the sound of no sound, it’s not silence. We all know silence it can bring us peace when we accept it, give to it our truth within. Silence can also bring loneliness when we don’t tune to who we are, waiting on others to change our perception.

No sound is the buzz that lingers in the mind of those who cannot block it out. It is always there, it’s the one that never stops. It causes every other noise to merge with the voices and makes understanding impossible. The no sound is the distraction that causes mistakes, taking away the revelation given within the peace.

The buzz inside her head was escalating and she knew it was only moments before she had to get away from herself. She had frozen, her thoughts had frozen and nothing seemed real.

She needed to go, she walked the familiar steps to her special place. She heard within herself those words so gentle, words so calming, words that were not her own.

“Be still and know!”


8 thoughts on “The sound of no sound!

    • Thanks Sue,
      That really means a lot to me, I never got to learn to write at school, I was in SEN still learning to read, so doing this here is quite a challenge for me but it’s on my heart to do it and learn. I really love that someone who has written a book likes what I write. It puts all my stories the teachers ripped up, and all those red F’s in perspective. You made me smile. 🙂
      Love and hugs my friend.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

      • Lisa,
        Teachers need to learn to be supportive of the positives too and somehow some are not. You write from the heart and express your feelings very well. Spelling, typos, and grammar can all be edited. Speaking from the heart cannot.
        Love and hugs to you too,

  1. How funny! I didn’t know you wrote this. I guess echoes make a lot more sense. 🙂 I think this is great.

    “Be still and know!” Yes, and now you can see me floating by on an echo. Hee hee

    Love you tons!

  2. This stopped me in my tracks today. It is what I needed. Sometimes I am in a rush to do all sorts and am not good with time management. Love you xxxx

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