Stored up Treasures

Stored up Treasures

by Alienhippy

If I had won the lottery,

How would this have helped me?

I’d have lots of worldly possessions,

But still the same sinful obsessions.

Losing love caused my life ups and downs,

With comfort eating I gained a few pounds.

I didn’t see living life as my wealth,

And at times thought of topping myself.

I always wanted to live in the country,

That’s the place I thought I’d be happy.

All the plans I wanted to achieve,

Would happen in the country, or so I believed.

Well… country cottage or city maisonette,

Town house, cardboard box or caravanette.

If I can’t feel fulfilled accepting who I am,

Then what makes me think that by having… I can?

Happiness comes from deep within,

I’ll be content now living in my own skin.

As this day I feel worthy to live,

I’ll be like Jesus… I’ll give.

Unless my soul is true to the spirit,

Feeling the deep love of Jesus within it.

How can financial gain change a thing?

If the person inside, to the Lord, I don’t bring?

It is amazing how much I have learned,

As I give my whole heart, it has turned.

No-more do I look out for just myself,

Because in Heaven, I now build up my wealth.

So, I’ll do what my Saviour taught me,

Stored up treasures in Heaven there will be.

And each day I will grow,

As His seed we will sow,

When I walk through those gates, I’ll be free.

Inspired while reading;

Matthew 6:19-24

Matthew 19:16-30

image from Google

It is easier for a Camel…..

This image is from a website entitled Un discipulo de Dali? The title is quite apt as the artist, Vladimir Kush, is clearly a disciple of Salvador Dali and, one might suggest, an heir and successor to the great surrealist, as well. Check out the site; the work is quite lovely.


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2 thoughts on “Stored up Treasures

  1. It is very strange but as I started reading you poem, the Lottery Draw was on in the background. Very good poem and I love the image. Love you xxxx

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