When I’m cleaning windows!

When I’m cleaning windows!

by Alienhippy

I was silly I sacked my window cleaner, but he never wiped down my window sills

And he broke my guttering with his ladder, I would reluctantly pay off his bills

So now, when I’M cleaning windows, my thoughts and my loops I record

Because sometimes the ideas I have, I believe might have come from the Lord


Today I had an idea and I’ve put this one straight into action

I spoke to my family about it, then held my breath awaited reaction

I don’t want to live in a magazine, I want to live in a home

I once had my home like a centre spread, but inside I felt so alone


I cleaned and preened for wrong reasons, trying to stop myself feeling like trash

Not seeing a Princess in her castle, just Cinderella and covered in ash

I like my home clean and tidy, I like everything to have a place

But if my kids just mess it back up, I want my heart to give them some grace


I don’t want to rant and rave at them, because my perfect little cell is destroyed

But I’ve got to find a bloody balance, because at the moment I just get annoyed

I’ve been taking myself away from the mess, it’s all too distracting for my brain

I go off and hide in my bedroom, then I sit and rock in my pain


At the thought of all this stinkin housework, that needs to keep being redone

I did all the same jobs yesterday, come on kids, this REALLY ain’t NO fun

Your poor old Mom would rather be blogging, writing poems, painting, singing with my guitar

Not seeing ALL this junk around me, then going out just to be in my car


So I’ve decided to give you each a space, where you can keep all of your mess

And I will be keeping the conservatory, as my sanctuary, free from clutter and stress

Mr Locoman I’ve given you the caravan , as an office and chill out zone

That way the dining room is kept clear, from all the paperwork you keep bringing home


kids you can have the big telly, I don’t really need a large screen

I’m quite happy in my imagination, it’s SO nice living there in my daydreams

BUT…You each have a room of your own, with cupboards to keep your things in

If they keep making their way down the stairs…Charity Shop…eBay or there’s the bin.


So while I’m cleaning these windows, and writing my thoughts down in rhyme

We’re each in our own little bubble, and we’re all having such a great time

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4 thoughts on “When I’m cleaning windows!

  1. Love the poem and the image. This is a sight I well remember. People never had a lot in those days as economy didn’t recover for ages after two World Wars. But people were appreciative of what little they did have and looked after it well. I’m afraid we live in a throw away society knowadays. I am glad I have a Family of Wombles who see use in things that have been disguarded by others. Love you xxxx

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