The invisible people

We stand, we listen, we even try to contribute but we are very rarely seen or heard.

ASD is known as the invisible disability, but do you know what it is like to actually feel you are invisible. That your thoughts and feelings are not important. That even when you try to explain what is going on inside of you, you are still not heard. Or told you are being ridiculous.

Do you know what it feels like to just want to run, curl up in a ball and cry for the rest of the day. To be so drained you don’t want to think of anything at all, but your mind won’t let you stop.

To sit rocking in a safe spot away from everyone you love, because the pain is unbearable.

Do you know what it’s like to have everything spinning in your head but only be able to think of one thing…escape.

Do you know how patronising it is to be told you are just out of your comfort zone, you will adapt!

How loud do we have to be?

If I throw a chair across the room you might listen!

But if I try to explain in words, your words are more important than mine.

Maybe if I just keep quiet and go along with it the best I can, I will be fine.

I can just live in my daydream and think of the impossible, my fantasy world.

I will conform I just need to give it time.

After all, that’s what everyone keeps telling me.

What do I know? I’m just an invisible person!


15 thoughts on “The invisible people

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with LeRoy. You are NOT invisible to God.

    This is exactly why I am going to keep shouting awareness and tolerance until I’m heard. People with ASD need to be counted and appreciated and loved for who they are. NOT what society expects them to conform to.

    Big hugs xxxx

    • I LOVE your hugs Fi… 🙂 xx
      You make such a difference to how I view myself.
      I thank God for who you are every day.
      Keep being you my precious friend, you shine and bring hope.
      I Love you so very much.
      Lees. xxxx

  2. Me too sis, I’m invisible too, maybe it’s God intended. In fact I know it must be or he wouldn’t have made us like this, I know your blogs are not invisible and I’m sure God uses you to reach loads of people through them.
    Two fictional characters I keep thinking of are Percy Jackson who had ADHD and dyslexia but he was a Demi-God and they were his abilities in the other realm and then Harry Potter with his invisibility cloak.
    People see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear, but it is very rarely the facts or truth, our minds only know fact and truth shame for them really! my little metaphor for this is, us invisibles and the others (I won’t give them any other names!) are like the two clutch plates in a car when the clutch is down and the cars not in gear. we just don’t meet. If we ever did or eventually do then the car starts moving. To where? too lofty to comprehend.
    I think it must be a tower of Babel thing, we would have probably built the tower if we were able to hear each other and our strengths would fuse together to reach the ultimate goal. We see it they just can’t they haven’t been given the gift of invisibility ;). Those who have ears let them hear.
    Love you sis all the world and a bag of sugar xxxx
    הכבשים ישמע את קול רועים פונה אליו למרות שהם מדברים על אמיתות עמוק בליבם העזים לא יהיה כעדר.

    • We are not invisible to each other are we sis!
      God blessed us making us sisters and He sees how we struggle.
      We have Jesus to help us.
      Love you all the world and a bag of sugar. xxxx
      בעולם הזה יהיו לך צרות, לקחת ללב יש לי להתגבר על העולם

  3. Dito what Fi said, you are soooo not invisible. I see you, hear you, read you……

    I wish I could feel half of what my little man feels, all I can do is to keep trying to listen, learn, support and understand.
    Hugs xx

    • You are a wonderful Mom Jo.
      I read your blog, it took me a while to find it and I’m hopeless at keeping up.
      But I see you too, and your little man is so very blessed.
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

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  6. You and your Sis are very far from invisible but that’s obviously how you feel and I can’t change that, if I could I would. I just had the vision of the Invisibles Film in my head. Love you xxxx

  7. Lisa,
    You are far from invisible. I love your posts and how you keep going even when you do not feel like it. Lately, I have not done such a good job of keeping the faith. Miranda is hurting, I am not handling it well because I feel the deep hurt and feel helpless to help her. Your words always touch my heart. Thank you for sharing from yours.
    Love and hug,

    • Thank you Sue,
      I’m praying for Miranda, just keep being you Sue.
      Love and acceptance make all the difference, she will get through because you are at her side.
      Love and hugs my friend.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

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