by Alienhippy

Don’t listen to the voice of chaos

Don’t follow it’s confusing call

The accusing, abusing, words of loss

Spiritual demise, pushing your fall


Don’t listen to the lies, the pollution

Don’t follow into its darkness

Those questions were not part of our solution

You’re created different, but you are NOT less


I know it’s hard but I will never leave you

Follow me and I will guide you home

This will pass, take my hand, I’ll lead you through

I came so you would not feel alone


Listen through the loops of negative

Hasten to my still quiet voice

Be set free, follow me, love, live, give

I took the cross, gave my life, but it’s your choice


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8 thoughts on “DON’T LISTEN!

  1. Thank you for this great poem! We all need to remember that our minds DO play tricks with the words that come in through our ears…. whether or not we are aspie! We all have loops that re-play when triggered by an emotion, person or situation. We need to encourage one another with the words you have written here: “D.O.N.’T L.I.S.T.E.N!!”

    • Thank you Pippa,
      Also thank you for all your support and being the inspiration that helped me to write these words.
      It was so funny seeing that written on the wall, just as the negative words were starting up again.
      Love and hugs. Lisa. xxx 🙂

    • Love you too Auntie Linda, I didn’t graffiti your wall before you ask….LOL
      I’m far more artistic than that, and it would be written in Rainbow colours, wouldn’t it?!
      Giggle. xxx 🙂

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