Weekend ways

Weekend ways

by Alienhippy

The lawn mowers are going,

Of course, it’s Saturday morning

Tucked up in my bed

Sleepy head, still Yawning


It’s lovely here in my nice new room,

It’s peaceful and just how I planned it

Newly built, clean and calm

All the colours I wanted


Time to get up and take part,

With this thing we call life

Being part of the big show,

The performance and its strife


To be part of it, just fit

But what if I can see

Normal is so boring

I want to just be me


Tomorrow is Sunday,

The day our cars are washed

We read our Sunday papers

In this world I feel so lost.


2 thoughts on “Weekend ways

  1. This brought a song to mind. We are very conditioned aren’t we as humans. Had a conversation with my elderly Aunt who always without fail does her washing on a Friday, she used to have a baking day too. I said why don’t you just do your washing according to the weather? She firmly said “No, Friday has always been washing day. It is good thought to have structure to your day. Love you xxxx

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