The Land of the Cleaning Disorder

The Land of the Cleaning Disorder

(Inspired by dropping my breakfast.)

by Alienhippy

Have you ever noticed, when you drop toast

It lands with the butter side down?

Dog hair, Cat hair sometimes even Budgie seed

Stuck in the butter so you frown…

At the Dog as he sits and drools

Pop another slice in, now you have some rules

To stop that OCD, and freaking out again (*a-gen)

Calm yourself down, count to ten

Then think of the time when you had that disorder

Cleaning till your hands bled, verging on the border

Of insanity

You see

My house was once perfect

You could eat off the carpet

Sterilized everything, was my house law

Forbidden was footwear and nowhere was Cat hair

And Dogs were not allowed through my door

Dirty, Smelly creatures dribbling everywhere

Messing my perfection, I didn’t even care

How uncomfortable my house was

For people visiting, throwing them a coaster

Making sure they’re keeping

My immaculate little cell

As pure as it can be

Walking around the kitchen

Mopping spills I cannot see

Plumping up the cushions before guests even leave

Busy, busy cleaning, only I deceive

Myself, because later in my bed

The thoughts going round my head are;

  • Did I comb the tassels on the rug?
  • I have left a wine glass in the sink!
  • I must polish the light bulbs with essential oil in the morning!
  • Is the kettle two inches away from the wall, with the flex on the right?

I ended up 6 stone 2, and my hair went thin

I didn’t think enough about the bleach in my skin

Or the time spent re-cleaning every single day

Re-organising toy boxes, but never time to play

Thank God, I saw the light!

What a strange place to see

The land of cleaning OCD


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