Poem…Please be nice!

by Alienhippy

It’s so hard to see or hear words that are not kind

It does something inside my dyslexic mind

It stops me from reading and makes me feel sick

I’m so glad that praying seems to do the trick


I take it to God and He takes it from me

He gave me dyslexia so I wouldn’t see

A lot of the bad stuff that my aspie can’t take

It causes confusion and keeps me awake


So when I read blogs and my eyes start to stress

I realise what I’m reading, may cause me some mess

In my aspie brain, when later on it starts filtering

So as interesting as it maybe, to God I am listening


He gave me this blessing, that sometimes feels like a curse

But I know that without it, my life would be worse

My aspie brain never stops, and I care very deeply

I’m grateful for my weakness, because it helps me to see


That we are all very different, in our own unique ways

We all have to struggle, to be happy in our days

God loves us all equally, and favourites… He has none

Please be kind to each other, and accept everyone


You can read more about me by following the link below

Alienhippy’s Blog

“A place where I can be me!”


4 thoughts on “Poem…Please be nice!

  1. This is lovely! What an amazing offering of praise to God! You are a living example of His mercy and His perfect plan. He knew exactly what you needed and provided it before you were even aware, and this is a great testament to your understanding of that fact.

    I love the line “I take it to God and He takes it from me.” I’m totally adding that to my ever-growing stash of excellent quotes! Thanks for sharing this piece!

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