It is done!

It is done!

by Alienhippy

I can’t stop the loops, why do I listen to such words?

How can I change the way they feel inside my mind

They grip and tear my heavy heart, such pain

Where can I find my smiling dance again


Please hold back your words

To you they only spark a feeling of release

Their poison is released, doubts built over years

I cannot shift these tears, these fears you have unleashed


Please ponder on my mind and be more kind

Remember that your words leave your mouth, then set up house

Inside my head, all you have said and my heart is pained

I have to go, be in the still, rest in His arms and hear His will


You’ve triggered my rejection and the feeling of alone

I can go home and find the TRUTH, and learn to TRUST again

Stop with your words, I will not listen anymore

It is done!


NOTE: This poem was not finished when I published it. If you want to read the last part of this poem please follow this link… “It is done!”… was not finished.


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3 thoughts on “It is done!

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  3. You are a good teacher Lisa and have helped me. Negative thoughts, no matter how they are provoked are not from God’s Spirit within us. We are human and as humans we will be hurt by others words, this is not always meant though. You know that I have obsessive thinking in a different way to you, but I truly believe that with Gods help and if I stop and remind myself to think how Jesus would have thought, when I get negative, I know I can change my mindset, no matter what the circumstances. Love you xxxx

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