Deep in your arms

Deep in your arms

by Alienhippy

You made me love in a deeper way

So I never seem to fit

I try so very, very hard

I hurt… I just want to quit


I have this yearning in my soul

I long for my Spiritual connection

I come to you and feel more whole

This world is so full of rejection


You’ve wired me in a special way

You created my every detail

I get broken inside and have to pray

Or every day I feel like I fail


I go off alone and find my way home

To the comfort of being with you

Snuggled deep in your arms, away from all harms

Knowing your love, unconditional and true.


One of my favourite songs


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4 thoughts on “Deep in your arms

    • Hello lovely, I’m still waiting on the treasure with this my friend. I got this one in the shower. I wrote it on the shower doors in the condensation…LOL
      Love you Merri. xxx 🙂

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