Watching from the sidelines

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Watching from the sidelines

by Alienhippy

“Life’s not a spectator sport!”

Yet I sit at the sideline and wait

Watching the games commencing

Seeking to understand this fate


“Take the bull by the horns!”

Believe in who you are today

I’m always stepping out on my own

For help I continually pray


“Cross that bridge when you come to it!”

Seems good advice, clear in my head

But without some social preparation

Who I am, how I feel, remains unsaid


“Think outside of the box!”

But that is ALL I ever do

My brain loops at sonic speed

To work out what is real, what is true


“Step back and see the bigger picture!”

Then I will see what went wrong

I see in tangents with an Autistic mind

It’s the details that are singing my song


“Wonderfully Wired, created to be me!”

I wish that the players would just stop and see

That they are important and play a big part

If they love and accept me, that love warms my heart


You can read more about me by following the link below

Alienhippy’s Blog

“A place where I can be me!”


9 thoughts on “Watching from the sidelines

  1. I love this! It is such a wonderful idea to add the links. I think that is so awesome to incorporate with your lovely poem. It is just fabulous! Can you tell I got excited by it?? Hee hee

    Love you!!

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