Planting light for my tomorrows

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Planting light for my tomorrows

by Alienhippy

I learn to see the needs around me

And to share my heart with those I love

I’m  planting light for new beginnings

And sharing tears with God above


I know this journey won’t be easy

But adventures often do bear scars

God gives me freedom, if I receive it

Or I can stay behind these bars


My tears can water pretty flowers

Step out in faith and watch God mould

Walk new paths and create new joy

Step out of darkness, fears and cold.


I’m planting light for my tomorrows

Surrendering to God my sorrows

Not living in my yesterdays

But precious moments sing His praise.


You can read more about this poem by following the link below

Alienhippy’s Blog

Planting light for my tomorrows


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