Internal transformation

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Internal transformation

by Alienhippy

Be still my child and know I’m here I never leave your side

You are a chosen instrument now banish earthly pride

I am your God, your Father too, I’m not a distant source

Just listen humbly for my voice, and I will set your course


Don’t settle for just fitting in a world that lives with sin

I know your heart is for me and I see the pain you’re in

It’s not how I created, this darkness cannot win

Love others the way I teach you, embrace my love within


My peace I freely give you, if only you’d receive

Stop listening to impurity, it wounds, numbs and deceives

I did not call you Heavenward for external imitation

I sent my Son to die for you, internal transformation


But you will only hear my voice when you stop chasing idols

I cannot love you anymore than to die pierced on these nails

So come to me receive my gift, my peace and eternal life

Stop punishing yourself with sin this world’s own constant strife


Just take my hand my precious one and let us just Be Still

We’ll listen for the voice within and follow in His will

Let go…these shackles bind, surrender, accept, release

Breathing in the still small voice, the perfect voice of peace


You can read more about this poem by following the link below

Alienhippy’s Blog

“A place where I can be me!”

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