Girl with Aspergers

Girl with Aspergers

by Alienhippy

Did you walk through the trees?

Searching for the imaginary friends

That this world had taken from you

Did you call out their names?

Thinking they would return

They had gone to safety in the woods

Did you sit alone on a swing?

Praying for a friend

Who accepted you for you

The one you never had to hide from

Did you stare at the moon?

Ask if your friend would come soon

Then smile as you heard

A whisper inside saying,

“Yes my precious child be patient,

they are looking at the moon and waiting just like you are.”


“The worst feeling isn’t being lonely.

It’s being forgotten by someone you could never forget.”

How true this is we love and give our hearts

They become part of us

We have no other way

We can’t switch people off

We can choose to live in love or not

But how amazing it is

When who we are is accepted and loved

What we give from our hearts

Is received, not rejected

Those gifts of friendship from God

Make all those prayers worthwhile

Little glimpses of heaven

Inside those special friends

That God handpicked for each of us.


Thoughts inspired from a comment I left on this post,

Slumbered Dreams by ~Samantha Craft (Everyday Aspergers)

You can read more about why I wrote this poem by following the link below.

Alienhippy’s Blog

“A place where I can be me!”


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