Back Home (fractal)

Fractal Flame by Alienhippy

 Back Home
By JJ Heller

Don’t let your eyes get used to darkness

The light is coming soon

Don’t let your heart get used to sadness

Put your hope in what is true


No matter how the wind may blow

It cannot shake the Son

Lay your sorrows on the ground

It’s time to come back home


When the future seems uncertain

Like the coming of a storm

Your loving Father carries His children

When they can’t walk anymore


No matter how the wind may blow

It cannot shake the Son

Lay your sorrows on the ground

It’s time to come back home


Oh, back home…


No matter how the wind may blow

It cannot shake the Son

Lay your sorrows on the ground

It’s time to come back home


Oh, back home…



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Butterfly Breeze

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Butterfly Breeze (free flow poetry)

by Alienhippy

Colour drawn spiralling

Twisting into no thoughts

Twirling and spinning into pretty

NOTHINGNESS… just peace


A relaxed mind of

Butterfly dreams

And faraway places

That only my spirit can reach


Don’t go away imagination

Please don’t leave me

Take me with you

To your happy place


Where Butterflies kiss sweetly

And hurt does not exist

Where colour and sound

Replace words and confusion


Take me away on your spectral wings

Carry me on your gentle breath

So I can be free, lost in a place of magical beauty

Where dreams are reality, and tears have no pain

Free flow thoughts while “Listening through the Loops”


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Only “Alien” on the outside!

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I have come to partake of your planet. It is the most wonderful, ponderous and splendid of all that are created. I’m hoping to spend around 80 years here, my journey through could be longer or shorter, I really don’t know. I have been given everything I need to survive my time here, until moving on.

My first accommodation I found to be the most hospitable, although other Alien’s may disagree. I didn’t have to breathe pollution of any sort from anywhere. I was welcome, accepted and wanted. I just felt warm and surrounded and spent my time listening to the constant beat of a mother’s heart. She was a young vessel only 19 of your earth years had passed for her, still a child really. Then she became my teacher/provider and I SO needed her in my helpless/defenceless state. She nurtured me well and always protected.

Although I have been created to look, speak, and be like you in every way, there are parts of me that are constantly confused by this world’s ways. I’m probably more than halfway through my time here now, I’m only just realising what complex creations we are. But also how beautifully unique and perfectly made each and every one of us is. How precious we can all choose to be!

Most of my time here so far has been spent observing and imitating personalities and characteristics. Desperately trying not to give away my Alien nature. My makeup is that little bit different, it’s even been given some names by some of your clever folk here. I come under a HUGE spectrum that is now called ASD.

In the first 40 years of my journey I had no real understanding that this ASD was hidden in my being. I only know me and my ways so I just believed that I would always be an observer. That I would be constantly looking in at all the beautiful things you all get to enjoy through each other. I never felt invited to come play, laugh, feel, relax and be a friend as myself. So I wore a mask and always knew I was a fake.

True friendship is so important, there is so much we can give to one another and so much for our hearts to learn. The creator came and walked here on this planet, he chose 12 friends. He shared with them who He was and expressed His deepest thoughts and feelings. Together they walked, talked, ate, drank, sang, laughed, wept and prayed.

That deep inner need to be close and connected has been put in me too. We are all creations of the creator and made in His likeness. Something stops me though, it’s like a pollution I carry from the ways of this world. Fear and pain have caused me to cocoon myself in the hard shell of my own safe little cell.

Recently though things have changed, your basic primitive earth technology has given me a way to express. To be close and connected with those who accept my ways and also those who are like me in their ways. This has made my existence here much happier than I can remember. It has also brought about personal understanding, growth and tears. But tears are good they are needed, without them we are emotionally switched off and unable to give from the heart.

All of the things I have wanted to express, that some have mocked me for, are now not seen as foolish. The one thing missing is touch, something I have shied away from but now understand. Even so these connections are on my heart every day and are a light and beacon of hope.

So in my imaginary day today, and imaginary days for Aliens are AMAZING, I will take my offspring to a beautiful beach where they can play with other Aliens. Maybe collect seashells in a bucket while I chat. Then later we will all go to a tea-party with the closest of friends where we will be able to play, laugh, talk and sing feeling relaxed in those precious moments. My protective cell will not be required because who I am is welcome, accepted and wanted, I have learnt to trust.

My NEW accommodation that has been received is a palace for a princess and it is being renewed internally day by day. Over my next 40 years (God willing) I will learn to listen and navigate this vessel always keeping communication open with the Father of all.

2 Corinthians 4:1-18 (Treasures in Jars of Clay)


16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.


If you are easily offended by bad language, sexual scenes or self harming


 This video is added for me personally as it is REAL and speaks to me.

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Stored up Treasures

Stored up Treasures

by Alienhippy

If I had won the lottery,

How would this have helped me?

I’d have lots of worldly possessions,

But still the same sinful obsessions.

Losing love caused my life ups and downs,

With comfort eating I gained a few pounds.

I didn’t see living life as my wealth,

And at times thought of topping myself.

I always wanted to live in the country,

That’s the place I thought I’d be happy.

All the plans I wanted to achieve,

Would happen in the country, or so I believed.

Well… country cottage or city maisonette,

Town house, cardboard box or caravanette.

If I can’t feel fulfilled accepting who I am,

Then what makes me think that by having… I can?

Happiness comes from deep within,

I’ll be content now living in my own skin.

As this day I feel worthy to live,

I’ll be like Jesus… I’ll give.

Unless my soul is true to the spirit,

Feeling the deep love of Jesus within it.

How can financial gain change a thing?

If the person inside, to the Lord, I don’t bring?

It is amazing how much I have learned,

As I give my whole heart, it has turned.

No-more do I look out for just myself,

Because in Heaven, I now build up my wealth.

So, I’ll do what my Saviour taught me,

Stored up treasures in Heaven there will be.

And each day I will grow,

As His seed we will sow,

When I walk through those gates, I’ll be free.

Inspired while reading;

Matthew 6:19-24

Matthew 19:16-30

image from Google

It is easier for a Camel…..

This image is from a website entitled Un discipulo de Dali? The title is quite apt as the artist, Vladimir Kush, is clearly a disciple of Salvador Dali and, one might suggest, an heir and successor to the great surrealist, as well. Check out the site; the work is quite lovely.


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Lover of Ashes (Fractal)


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The sound of no sound!

He leads me beside quiet waters

With her thoughts came a rising breeze and an echo of a time past. Her mind was filled with echoes on this day, some of them brought a smile, a warm feeling of love and acceptance. Others, they just caused a loop of despair. On this day those echoes were not being too friendly, they were torturing her peace and she couldn’t stop them.

She froze, as if a moment of clarity had awakened a deeper understanding. Concentration caught her. She listened for the breeze, trying to raise it above the sound of no sound. She could hear this so clearly, but others didn’t seem to know of its existence.

What is the sound of no sound, it’s not silence. We all know silence it can bring us peace when we accept it, give to it our truth within. Silence can also bring loneliness when we don’t tune to who we are, waiting on others to change our perception.

No sound is the buzz that lingers in the mind of those who cannot block it out. It is always there, it’s the one that never stops. It causes every other noise to merge with the voices and makes understanding impossible. The no sound is the distraction that causes mistakes, taking away the revelation given within the peace.

The buzz inside her head was escalating and she knew it was only moments before she had to get away from herself. She had frozen, her thoughts had frozen and nothing seemed real.

She needed to go, she walked the familiar steps to her special place. She heard within herself those words so gentle, words so calming, words that were not her own.

“Be still and know!”

Metaphorical Shoe (for the ladies)

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Metaphorical Shoe

by Alienhippy

My first lover was like a brightly coloured designer shoe

Well expensive and not really thought through

I changed my whole wardrobe so he was accommodated

Nothing else was good enough, my pride had been inflated


He was like a brightly coloured designer stiletto

He was loud and tall and raring to go

My whole self image was built around him

and when he was gone I just couldn’t fit in


He was like a badly fitted, high heeled, designer stiletto sling-back

wait for it………. in bright RED

He was totally impractical but I was tempted and led

The outside looked great but I felt bruised and battered

But without the shoes my ensemble would be shattered


Designer shoes should enhance you, not make your feet feel sore

You can’t wear them at home, they put holes in all ya floors

They shouldn’t pinch or squeeze, or stop you from being you

And when you take them off, you should still walk, it’s true!

The shoe is meant to enhance, to comfort and complete you

Not cripple, twist and maim, change, control and bruise you

Don’t let them make you feel, that without them you will die

When your arches touch the ground, then you’ll question why???

You fell for all that gloss, un-comfort, and restriction

The scantiness, the dictation, the pain, the cost, the friction.


When you look for ‘SHOES’ because you want to go dancing again (*a-gen*)

I’ll shout from my experience



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Fractal Feelings




Overload (looping)




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