My heart just needs to call

My heart just needs to call

by Alienhippy

Patiently I wait on words spoken to my heart

I listen through the loops and hear the still small voice

My heart yearns but my spirit calls peacefully

I feel raised from unknowing and set on a solid truth

That truth is I am loved unconditionally

An inner peace fills me and my heart sings

My lips have a new song of praise

Fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of the one I trust

I look into the heart of the one who gave His life

I know that He is the one I should always look to

Blessings are at my step as I follow His lead

When I fall I know he will always catch me

When I fail to trust and when I lose hope He remains

His gentle voice spurring me on

Holding me in his love, His light everlasting

Whispering soft reminders His hopeful, caring promises

He has no desire for sacrifice, but a willing heart

He just calls my name and wants my love

He has me in His heart and He is living in mine

So many do not see or feel this love

They feel that it is not real but I will stand in the love

I received this gift and will call out Jesus is Lord

When troubles rise and the waters are deep

His hand is upon me guiding and teaching

So patiently He is always loving

Helping me grow in all I do for Him

His plan for me is always better than mine

Bringing me ever nearer to the image He sees in me

Refining me from the inside starting in the heart

Always providing just what I need, I rest under His wing

Exposed and humbled I stand in His presence

Quickly I am covered by His grace and mercy

New every morning I am washed clean by His love

Accepted and loved, created in unique design

Crafted by the master’s hand

I am enough because He loves me

I can be loved because He loved first

I can love because He shows me the way

He will never leave me, I just need to call

Then…Be Still And Know


Inspired while reading Psalm 40



Fredrick the frog, image from Google


by Alienhippy

Fredrick the FROG sits on the shelf above my prayer chair

He has a few friends that sit at his side for his needs they really care

He contemplates peace and finding a way to fill his life with hope

He’s a funny old FROG, listening for God and finding new ways to cope


Too many times, he has been made to feel sad

As the seeds of fear have been planted

He hates feeling alone even when he’s at home

Love and acceptance, he’s always wanted


So he sits and he prays and hopes for better days

Filled with love and laughter and friends

He’s waiting on God that funny little FROG

As the tears help his fears to end


Fully.Rely.On.God my Mom used to say

You need to trust when you sit and pray

God loves you more than you’ll even know

Fully.Rely.On.God and you’ll spiritually grow


So I’m praying and crying and hating these fears

Planted and dripped in my brain over years

Not knowing the truth from these feelings I feel

It’s just “False Evidence Appearing Real”


Sometimes I have to get hit on the head

To realise my thoughts are misguided and led

A FROG falls off a shelf, God’s love He shares

Showing me just how much He cares


Ha ha…Bonk, on my head! YES… I was hit by a FROG

Spiritually knocking some sense in from God

I don’t have to listen to things that aren’t kind

Or to those who will plant seeds of doubt in my mind


GOD IS LOVE, and His love builds me up

I’m facing my fears and drinking this cup

Listening to negative is not good for my health

A friend is a gift I can give to myself



“A friend is a gift you give yourself.”

~Robert Louis Stevenson

“Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.”

~Edna Buchanan

“Friends are God’s way of apologizing for your family.”
~ Dr Wayne W. Dyer, The Power of Intention:


What goes HA HA BONK…???

An Alienhippy laughing her head off! ….LMHO (I find it funny…hehehe)


An old video from my childhood to go with my poem


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It is done!

It is done!

by Alienhippy

I can’t stop the loops, why do I listen to such words?

How can I change the way they feel inside my mind

They grip and tear my heavy heart, such pain

Where can I find my smiling dance again


Please hold back your words

To you they only spark a feeling of release

Their poison is released, doubts built over years

I cannot shift these tears, these fears you have unleashed


Please ponder on my mind and be more kind

Remember that your words leave your mouth, then set up house

Inside my head, all you have said and my heart is pained

I have to go, be in the still, rest in His arms and hear His will


You’ve triggered my rejection and the feeling of alone

I can go home and find the TRUTH, and learn to TRUST again

Stop with your words, I will not listen anymore

It is done!


NOTE: This poem was not finished when I published it. If you want to read the last part of this poem please follow this link… “It is done!”… was not finished.


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God’s love

Image from Google

God’s love

by Alienhippy

God’s love reaching down from the Heavens

Capturing the hearts of His children

Opening wide their minds to new ideas

Teaching them to live and love again


To move forward on His great adventure

Trusting that He will lead the way

Giving each day to the Lord for His purpose

Feeling the desire to love and to pray


Holding fast to new beginnings

Sharing God’s love with those He brings

Feeling the passion to be ever near Him

Having a heart that will praise and sing


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God will guide the stone

Image from Google

God will guide the stone

by Alienhippy

Come close my little one, for you I sent my Son

And I know sometimes it’s hard to trust in me

But I will never leave, I send comfort, I don’t deceive

You have within you my truth to set you free.


Don’t listen to the lies, my word has made you wise

So you can fight, not let the enemy win

The victory I will send, I am your Father and your friend

I gave my Son, He took away your sin


Just trust I’ll guide the stone, and bring you safely home

Your Goliath to me is just a grain of sand

Be like David sing me psalms, I will deliver you from all harm

I have all your days within my very hand


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I don a mask for every day

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I don a mask for every day

by Alienhippy

I don a mask for every day

Slip out the door my head will pray

I speak the words my heart will hear

Protect me Lord from all this fear


As I’m walking through this day

Give me ears for what you say

With faith my hope will always please

You’ll bring these loops down to their knee


These masks can go and I can be

Wonderfully Wired created to be me

Seeing through your eyes, born unique

Living in acceptance gratefully I seek


Your Son will help me fully live

Not for myself but learning to give

And in my life your love will flow

My feet and heart will gladly go


To every corner that’s in darkness

Tell my story share this gladness

You came to me to heal my pain

In your love, I trust love again


Just like a child without restrictions

No tortured confines, obsessive addictions

But giving freely and believing in you

To guide my life and get me through


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Shall I take the cure pill?

Shall I take the cure pill

by Alienhippy

They’ve invented a new tablet, to take my quirks away

It will cure me of my ASD and help me fit today

I’ll be able to understand what it is that I can gain

By being part of what goes on, no-longer live this pain


They are giving out this pill tomorrow, I’d better get in line

It might be the answer to the prayers I’ve prayed so many times

I’ll be able to cope with noisy rooms and people will talk to me

I’ll be different from the way I’m made and then I’ll truly see


What it is to just be normal and not an obsessive freak

To be seen as just intelligent, and not an eccentric geek

To go into a party and cope with conversation

Be normal, accepted, understood, a manufactured creation


Now, I’ve been thinking hard on this and if I take that pill

I’m telling God that He is wrong and I refuse His will

I’m telling Him that He has made a mistake in what He’s done

That His Handiwork is not good enough, the battle isn’t won


I know God doesn’t make mistakes, I’m fearfully and wonderfully made

He sent His Son to die for me, He has already been betrayed

A Brother/friend He loved so much, but He knew it was meant to be

Just like my quirks and fears and pain are all to set me free


Maybe I will not see it here, but in this world I don’t belong

I do not fit, I might be odd, but to God there’s nothing wrong

With how I’m wired or who I am, I’m unique and will give Him glory

Each day is hard but together with God, I’ll keep looking at Jesus’ story


 I am perfectly formed, created as His, protected by Angels above

One day I’ll go home and look in His eyes, surrounded in His perfect Love.


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by Alienhippy

My precious child stop running wild

This chaos I’ll protect you from

Look to me, seek my face

You are my gentle one


You hurt much deeper than most do

My quiet voice will call to you

Know I’ll always love you dearly

Just Be Still and listen calmly


This world has got its own agenda

I know this plan is hard to bear

Set apart refined like silver

Just call to me and KNOW I’m there


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“People like me!”

People like me, I know you’re out there!

by Alienhippy

The vulnerability of people like me

Sucked into a cult, depressed not my fault

Naive power trip on a magical roundabout

They chewed up my faith and spat me out


The sensitivity of people like me

Alone in the wilderness, head in a mess

Scars so deep I turn to agnosticism

Lost inside my spiritually confused prison


The reality of people like me

To God I will turn, listen, grow, learn

Each day is a lesson in a classroom of strife

I’m earning my degree in the university of life


The spirituality of people like me

Professors of reality, no educational degree

Wisdom given from the Lord above

Taught by the cross and the spirit of love


The humility of people like me

Not wanting attention, choosing not to mention

The spirit churning inside my being

Prophetic insight, theologically freeing


The insanity of people like me

Not wanting to fit, in this world full of shit

Desiring more than materialistic surface conversation

From people obsessed with their own self gratification


  • We can trust – in our vulnerability
  • We can see – in our sensitivity
  • We can be grounded – in our reality
  • We hear God – in our spirituality
  • We can accept – in our humility
  • We can imagine more – in our insanity

– John 16:33

In this world you will have trouble but take heart I have overcome the world

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Only “Alien” on the outside!

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I have come to partake of your planet. It is the most wonderful, ponderous and splendid of all that are created. I’m hoping to spend around 80 years here, my journey through could be longer or shorter, I really don’t know. I have been given everything I need to survive my time here, until moving on.

My first accommodation I found to be the most hospitable, although other Alien’s may disagree. I didn’t have to breathe pollution of any sort from anywhere. I was welcome, accepted and wanted. I just felt warm and surrounded and spent my time listening to the constant beat of a mother’s heart. She was a young vessel only 19 of your earth years had passed for her, still a child really. Then she became my teacher/provider and I SO needed her in my helpless/defenceless state. She nurtured me well and always protected.

Although I have been created to look, speak, and be like you in every way, there are parts of me that are constantly confused by this world’s ways. I’m probably more than halfway through my time here now, I’m only just realising what complex creations we are. But also how beautifully unique and perfectly made each and every one of us is. How precious we can all choose to be!

Most of my time here so far has been spent observing and imitating personalities and characteristics. Desperately trying not to give away my Alien nature. My makeup is that little bit different, it’s even been given some names by some of your clever folk here. I come under a HUGE spectrum that is now called ASD.

In the first 40 years of my journey I had no real understanding that this ASD was hidden in my being. I only know me and my ways so I just believed that I would always be an observer. That I would be constantly looking in at all the beautiful things you all get to enjoy through each other. I never felt invited to come play, laugh, feel, relax and be a friend as myself. So I wore a mask and always knew I was a fake.

True friendship is so important, there is so much we can give to one another and so much for our hearts to learn. The creator came and walked here on this planet, he chose 12 friends. He shared with them who He was and expressed His deepest thoughts and feelings. Together they walked, talked, ate, drank, sang, laughed, wept and prayed.

That deep inner need to be close and connected has been put in me too. We are all creations of the creator and made in His likeness. Something stops me though, it’s like a pollution I carry from the ways of this world. Fear and pain have caused me to cocoon myself in the hard shell of my own safe little cell.

Recently though things have changed, your basic primitive earth technology has given me a way to express. To be close and connected with those who accept my ways and also those who are like me in their ways. This has made my existence here much happier than I can remember. It has also brought about personal understanding, growth and tears. But tears are good they are needed, without them we are emotionally switched off and unable to give from the heart.

All of the things I have wanted to express, that some have mocked me for, are now not seen as foolish. The one thing missing is touch, something I have shied away from but now understand. Even so these connections are on my heart every day and are a light and beacon of hope.

So in my imaginary day today, and imaginary days for Aliens are AMAZING, I will take my offspring to a beautiful beach where they can play with other Aliens. Maybe collect seashells in a bucket while I chat. Then later we will all go to a tea-party with the closest of friends where we will be able to play, laugh, talk and sing feeling relaxed in those precious moments. My protective cell will not be required because who I am is welcome, accepted and wanted, I have learnt to trust.

My NEW accommodation that has been received is a palace for a princess and it is being renewed internally day by day. Over my next 40 years (God willing) I will learn to listen and navigate this vessel always keeping communication open with the Father of all.

2 Corinthians 4:1-18 (Treasures in Jars of Clay)


16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.


If you are easily offended by bad language, sexual scenes or self harming


 This video is added for me personally as it is REAL and speaks to me.

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