Following my Butterflies

Following my Butterflies

by Alienhippy

A silent breeze, honeysuckle captured

Songs of the blackbird dance in my soul

Flutters and flittering beneath my heart

Tears of the butterfly caressed made whole


Flashes of velvet deep colours of joy

Peacefully bow the blossoming flowers

Sweet heart song, humming birds dashing

Nestled in slumbers for fairy tale hours


Ride on the waves of lullaby dreams

Heroes and kisses, figments unseen

Dragons as keepers of secrets untold

Unicorn memories imagines unfold


Sing and dance, open heart, wide-eyed

Alive in a tree house, spirited child

Known is a comforting love at my side

Swirling life waters of rivers so wild


Take me away sweet butterfly breeze

Living in daydreams, fantasy sends

Times remembered now etched in my soul

Resting on branches with butterfly friends

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Naming the Beast

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Naming the Beast

by Alienhippy

You say that you love and understand me

So, why do you say I should change?

If you love me, accept all my failings

Stop making me feel I’m deranged


I came to terms with the fact I’m dyslexic

I’ve learnt all about my syndrome

I’m learning about all the walls I keep hitting

and why I’ve always felt so alone


But now I can give you a title

To the traits that have always been me

It has caused you one massive problem

Because love doesn’t always want to see


I’m not broken, I am happy, I don’t need fixing

Stop stressing yourself, it’s not your fault

I am obsessed with finding a new way

Of using my looping mind volt


Remember when I was a kid

and gymnastics made me feel tall

I was quick, I was brave and I was bendy

I didn’t break every time I took a fall


I would have done somersaults on concrete

and hung upside down all day long

But then it was given a title

and a club to show what I did wrong


They had mats for me to fall on

Spring boards and beams and first aid

and even though I was fearless

Those who loved me were very afraid


I see this again in my family

The title has given the fear

but just because the beast has a name

It will not just simply disappear


In fact I’m looking for a new club

With people of similar belief

Naming the beast may have caused you fear

But, for me it has given relief


I wrote this poem in November 2009

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