Don’t follow the crowd

Don’t follow the crowd

by Alienhippy

Don’t follow the crowd they’re all too loud

With clever words and voices

Sit and be still and see past the thrill

Of opinionated choices


It’s all down to me which way I will go

I have my own heart and mind

Go with the mass even though it seems crass

Or pray, wait and see what I find


When cornered and beaten in silence He stayed

I know in my heart that His heart would have prayed

The accuser with motive blamed for things never done

God’s love is so deep that He gave up His Son


So, I stand alone

Knowing God guides me home.


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Love Light, Shine Bright

Photo taken with my Blackberry mobile

Love Light, Shine Bright

by Alienhippy

Crushed heart? Mocked spirit? Hidden light?

Don’t go there gentle child

All lies upon lies that feed your mind

None of them truth but silent teases

Empty out these thoughts, those taunts

And breathe in them never more


Cleansed in a sacrificial love

Your walk pleasing your heart is filled

Your soul lifted and daily bathed in grace

Shine and be all that you are

This slate has been washed clean

Now let there be a you in this world


Do not doubt and hide your face

Wrapping yourself in invisible blacks

Instead let this love light shine so bright

Giving heart to those who pass

Let your light shine bright before you, before all

Seeing worth, knowing truth, giving hope


And praise your Father in heaven


Dancing with flames

Moses and the burning bush. by Deana Harvey

Dancing with flames

by Alienhippy

Captured by your dance

Translucent blue in flames

Colour mingled passion

A sunset through my veins

Such inner peace this spectral twirl

No heat, this freshness breathes

These dancing sparks of stillness

No sound this world deceives

Nesting heart of harmony

Tranquillity has her say

Now I shall lose this comfort

As my dreams walk into day


Zechariah 13:9

I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on my name and I will answer them; I will say, “They are my people,” and they will say, “The Lord is our God.”

The psychologist Carl Jung said that fire represents the process of psychological transformation. Just as the alchemists used fire to transform base metals into gold, so the symbol fire is the trigger for the inner transformation. It purges the decay of the past yet is also the giver of light and spiritual truth. It is the eternal flame in the temple of the soul. It is from the fire that the phoenix of hope rises. ~Hidden meaning of dreams

Fractal flame I created using Apophysis

Lover of ashes, JJ Heller

My heart just needs to call

My heart just needs to call

by Alienhippy

Patiently I wait on words spoken to my heart

I listen through the loops and hear the still small voice

My heart yearns but my spirit calls peacefully

I feel raised from unknowing and set on a solid truth

That truth is I am loved unconditionally

An inner peace fills me and my heart sings

My lips have a new song of praise

Fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of the one I trust

I look into the heart of the one who gave His life

I know that He is the one I should always look to

Blessings are at my step as I follow His lead

When I fall I know he will always catch me

When I fail to trust and when I lose hope He remains

His gentle voice spurring me on

Holding me in his love, His light everlasting

Whispering soft reminders His hopeful, caring promises

He has no desire for sacrifice, but a willing heart

He just calls my name and wants my love

He has me in His heart and He is living in mine

So many do not see or feel this love

They feel that it is not real but I will stand in the love

I received this gift and will call out Jesus is Lord

When troubles rise and the waters are deep

His hand is upon me guiding and teaching

So patiently He is always loving

Helping me grow in all I do for Him

His plan for me is always better than mine

Bringing me ever nearer to the image He sees in me

Refining me from the inside starting in the heart

Always providing just what I need, I rest under His wing

Exposed and humbled I stand in His presence

Quickly I am covered by His grace and mercy

New every morning I am washed clean by His love

Accepted and loved, created in unique design

Crafted by the master’s hand

I am enough because He loves me

I can be loved because He loved first

I can love because He shows me the way

He will never leave me, I just need to call

Then…Be Still And Know


Inspired while reading Psalm 40

Planting light for my tomorrows

Image found on "Just Feelin' Good"

Planting light for my tomorrows

by Alienhippy

I learn to see the needs around me

And to share my heart with those I love

I’m  planting light for new beginnings

And sharing tears with God above


I know this journey won’t be easy

But adventures often do bear scars

God gives me freedom, if I receive it

Or I can stay behind these bars


My tears can water pretty flowers

Step out in faith and watch God mould

Walk new paths and create new joy

Step out of darkness, fears and cold.


I’m planting light for my tomorrows

Surrendering to God my sorrows

Not living in my yesterdays

But precious moments sing His praise.


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Planting light for my tomorrows

God will guide the stone

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God will guide the stone

by Alienhippy

Come close my little one, for you I sent my Son

And I know sometimes it’s hard to trust in me

But I will never leave, I send comfort, I don’t deceive

You have within you my truth to set you free.


Don’t listen to the lies, my word has made you wise

So you can fight, not let the enemy win

The victory I will send, I am your Father and your friend

I gave my Son, He took away your sin


Just trust I’ll guide the stone, and bring you safely home

Your Goliath to me is just a grain of sand

Be like David sing me psalms, I will deliver you from all harm

I have all your days within my very hand


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The Pocket Cross

The Pocket Cross

 by Alienhippy

 There was a little Pocket Cross, that my Mom used to own.

She kept it in her handbag, laminated to a poem.

In times of desperation, she’d take it out and read.

She’d ponder on its message and Faith a mustard seed.


She’d think about our Saviour, crucified and resurrected.

She’d think about his Word, the truth we’ve all rejected.

She’d think about his sacrifice, the love we don’t deserve.

She’d think about her life and what she had of worth.


As years went by she passed it on, her Faith and her Pocket Cross.

She passed it to my brother, when his life seemed at a loss.

He kept it in his wallet, not wanting to seem rude.

We didn’t know what Mom passed on, was really Spiritual food.


So as the seed is watered, nurtured, fed and pruned.

As blind Faith becomes seeing, and Jesus heals our wound.

As we persevere through problems, knowing we are not alone.

That Jesus walked this path before, He is our cornerstone.


There’s not a thing that we go through, that He does not understand.

When we are touched by the power of the cross, we are guided by God’s Hand.

The message of the Pocket Cross, is really very clear.

As Jesus is our Saviour, we have no need to fear.


The Pocket Cross I made for you, from left over bits of string.

The Faith we have that Mom passed on, is the gift that we can bring.

We may not have fat wallets, but we give always from the heart.

The Love Mom gave, that we give now, remains when we depart.

Mom, me and my brother


This is a poem I wrote for my brother in 2007

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