A Dyslexic/Aspie

A Dyslexic/Aspie

by Alienhippy

I just love to watch a good movie, and lose myself in the escape

I don’t have to go to the cinema, it can be on DVD or video tape

‘Cause I’ve got this extra long corridor, with films from ceiling to floor

And when this world is getting too much, I escape through my imagination door

I have to teleport into film, and allow myself to be free

Where no-one will hurt or enclose me, where I can pretend to be me

‘Cause I am a piece in a jig-saw, but the picture is impossible to see

Just when I feel that I’m fitting in, it seems I’m in the wrong galaxy

One where the people are not honest, and the rules will constantly change

Where not being the same and not having friends, Is something that seems really strange

So I live in my imagination, as this world cannot satisfy

The people can be a real nuisance, they’re not open to understanding why

I like to go off in my own world, and do all the things that are me

I’ll write it all down in badly spelt rhyme, ’cause I’m a dyslexic aspie

No-one will ever change me, believe me I know, I have tried

Just leave me alone and I’ll be a friend, but I might be a knock on your pride

You’ll never see me at parties, and the library is a no-go zone

So give me a movie and sit at my side, you’ll feel better that I’m not alone.


I wrote this poem in November 2009

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